Sunday, May 5, 2013

Simply Beautiful

An afternoon drive with my husband.

Blue sky, warm air, wonderful company.

We set out on a quest to find a certain place.

Parked the car and approached with our cameras in hand.

As I approached, I started taking a few pictures.

I found these small patches of tulips...

... and then turned to my right and this is what I saw...

It was a collection of tulips like I have never seen in my life.  

I couldn't believe my eyes.  

The beauty. 

 The simplicity.  

The peaceful feeling.

The purity.

The colors were dazzling and the lighting was perfect.

The blends.

The colors.

The hues.

The simplicity.

Thanks Jeff!

I hope you enjoyed the beauty as much as I did.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Suburban Girl Design Team ~ Autumn Reveal!!

Suburban Girl Design Team ~ Autumn Reveal

The good news is our power is back,
We have heat, hot water and a toasty snack.
My prayers are with those still in need
I will help who I can and do a good deed.

So I owed you this blog as I promised and vowed,
The others are done and I have been wowed!
I feel my piece is simple, not very frilly,
I'm mostly down to earth yet pretty darn silly.

I received the goods from Diana P.
A pendant that reminded me of a beautiful tree.
Also along was Shel's wonderful clasp
I quickly held on with a very tight grasp.

 My wheels started turning and I began to ponder,
I kept hearing "autumn, trees and nature's wonder."
I headed upstairs for a bit of escape,
But I couldn't even find my work space!

There were packages and beads and "stuff" all around,
My dreams of sitting and working were drowned.
As you can see if you look very close,
My chair is covered with wire, my tumbler, a package and looks gross!

I looked at my table and what did I see,
Not barely a square inch to create just a wee!
I started to clean and put things away,
And before I knew it I started to play.

The tree and all that it represents,
It's leaves, bark, and woodsy scents.
I thought about nature and all that abound,
The tree is a home standing firmly in ground.

I poked and I prodded through my stash,
Pulled out some wood beads that I bought for some cash.
I had a variety of this kind of bead
Used as many as I could with a quick rate of speed.


I found round beads, square beads and oval ones too,
How they make them, I haven't a clue.
I used black beads and brown beads, many shades of each,
All made from trees within human reach.

There's more than the wood that comes from a tree,
There are flowers and fruits and even some tea.
Lots of critters make their home in a branch,
Birds and squirrels are given carte blanche.

 I started to pull beads from here and there,
While trying not to pull out my hair.
I found flowers and birds and waxed Irish thread,
This piece will be finished before heading to bed!

The pendant I knew was the main focal piece,
Adding bits here and there, used some major elbow grease.
It started to grow just as a tree will do,
An acorn and bird just to name a few.


 All critters need a safe place to live,
A tree has such place to offer and give.
I added a cute little blue house,
For a squirrel, chipmunk or even a mouse.

Very near to the house as you can see,
Is the copper clasp that Shel gave me.
It's swirls and curves and natural flow,
Reminded me of how a tree's bark may grow.

 The components I used have something they share,
They are all made from nature with nothing to spare.
That was my goal when making this piece,
Didn't want to be reported to the "Plastic Police."

Here are some close ups for you to peruse
Whether you are happy or got the blues.
I hope you enjoyed my blog for today,
I'm glad it is done and the storm moved away.

I'm sorry if some of you don't like my rhyme,
I debated whether to do it like last time.
But when I awoke to a warm cozy house,
I said, "I feel like rhyming!" and got a nod from my spouse!

In case you are looking for something to do,
Hop on over to these others who knew,
That using these pieces could not have been done
Without Diana's and Shel's pieces of fun!

Jan Onipenco  (currently out of power from the storm)
Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp
Sandra Basara Miller   <---  You are here!

Many many thanks to Diana for letting me be a part of your design team!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

One of my personal goals...

Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone will have a good weekend despite this heat wave some of us are experiencing.  I think we are just going to stay inside and try to get some things on our "to do" list accomplished.  For myself, that includes spending time in my jewelry workroom.

At the beginning of every new year, I always set a goal for myself.  Something that I've been wanting to do, dreaming about, trying to accomplish ~ my own little personal goal.  I usually do not share this goal with anyone and keep it to myself.  This year, my goal was to have a piece of my handmade jewelry published.  A few friends gave me some tips and the encouragement I needed to send something in to a magazine for possible submission.  I submitted one piece to Interweave for their 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings  publication and found out a few weeks later that it was accepted!  I remember receiving the email in the middle of the day while in between classes.  I shared the good news with my next class, geometry.  They were just as excited as I was!

Here is the cover of the magazine...

You can purchase either the magazine version or the digital version here.

Here is a sneak peek of my necklace ... featured in the "Lipstick Red" category!

I feel very blessed to have accomplished my personal goal.  Actually I feel doubly blessed because another one of my creations was also accepted for another jewelry magazine due out in the fall.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Suburban Girl Design Team ~ Summertime


An Ode to Diana and Jan

I was asked months ago to be part of her design team,
Diana, the Suburban Girl, she really made me beam!

She sends us some beads then it's all up to us,
We must design something pretty or she will throw us under the bus!

We also receive a nice little treat
From Jan Onipenco, I can't wait for us to meet.

For the summer season you can probably guess,
It's a "beachy" type theme. I was thrilled and yelled, "Oh yes!"


This is Jan's bead so neat and pristine
It reminds me of the ocean swirling with sand, blue and green.

These two beauties are from cheery Diana P.
They look so darn real as if picked from the sea.

I picked them up and held them tight,
My creative side stirred both day and night.

My mind was whirling with thoughts of the beach,
And all that it gathers when it is at reach.

There's the ocean itself never ending it's flow,
It's swirling and stirring, oh I wish I could go.

There are critters and creatures usually abound,
Turtles, seahorses and shells to be found.



There are flowers around and colors just swirl
Coral and starfish all in a whirl.


You might catch a glimpse of this ribbity critter,
Don't give him to me or I will become very bitter.

One special charm I knew I should add,
Was a heart for the love of the ocean I've had.

Some days the ocean may seem like this
Things jumbled up and not much of bliss.

But once stretched out and picked apart
The ocean and beach have things close to my heart.

I love the sea and all that it brings
A tingle to my soul and my heart just sings.

Another fondness I hold close to me
Is the joy of making jewelry.

It's friends like Jan and Diana P.
That make life joyous, filled with creativity.

Thank you Diana for making me beam
For inviting me to be part of this team!

Please take a look at the other members of the design team and their creations...

Sandra Basara Miller      <--- You are here!

Resources:  Trinity Brass, The Beadin' Path, Monster Slayer

Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday in New York City

My husband and I ventured into New York City on Saturday.  There is a bus that leaves from our town right into Port Authority - quite convenient.  We were in the city by 10 a.m. ~ just in time to do some shopping in the bead and fashion district!  I love perusing the bead stores in NYC.  I usually find some goodies.  Here is what I came home with from this trip.

 I love buying chain in New York.  One store in particular usually has some pretty styles.  I managed to get four different kinds; one with fish, one with dainty flowers, another with hearts and one with some unusual links.  I also bought a good supply of jump rings, lobster clasps and ear wires.  A new clasp that caught my eye is the third photo in the bottom.  They are pretty clasps that feature a leaf.  We then found another store where they had a large assortment of wooden beads.  I fell in love with what they had especially the chain!  It is beautiful and came in four different finishes.  There was an assortment of wooden beads in all shapes and sizes and we had fun picking out a great assortment.  I can't wait to make a few designs with these!  The last treasure of the day was something brand new ~ cotton pearls.  I picked up some round cotton pearls in various colors (not photographed - sorry) and also some spring colored rings.  The colors are so luscious!  I picture them in simple earrings or as links in a bracelet.  Love all the new goodies!

After bead shopping, we hopped on a subway and headed all the way downtown.  We arrived at Washington Square and had lunch in one of our favorite cozy restaurants.  The food is excellent and the wine list goes on for what seems like infinity.

 After a hearty lunch we headed over to Washington Square, one of my favorite spots.  You never know what you are going to see here and Saturday was no exception.  It was a bright sunny day and there was plenty of action to take in.  This young man pushes his grand piano into the park every day and plays and plays and plays.  Absolutely beautiful music.  Our son later told us they are trying to get him removed from the park. 

Even though the air was nippy, people still found ways to soak up the sun.

Here are some sights from the park...

One more very special photo that I captured...just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  The musical pair of a violinist and guitarist were playing Beatles' tunes the entire time we were sitting in the park.  I love the Beatles' music and it was just fun to hear their rendition.  As we were sitting there, the couple next to the musicians in this photo got engaged.  Life is sweet!  The woman was already on her cell phone sharing the great news!

We then ventured over to NYU where our son was a part of Into the Woods.  It was a quaint theater right on campus and you were so close to the actors you could really feel their emotion.  What a great show by the cast, crew and pit orchestra.  Stephen performed well and was a very funny steward in the program.  We are so proud of him.  He also informed us that he was accepted into NYU's study abroad program and will be heading to London next year for spring semester.  It was so nice to see him even though there wasn't a lot of time.  He had another performance at 8 p.m. that night and we had a bus to catch.  What a great day!