Sunday, July 1, 2012

Suburban Girl Design Team ~ Summertime


An Ode to Diana and Jan

I was asked months ago to be part of her design team,
Diana, the Suburban Girl, she really made me beam!

She sends us some beads then it's all up to us,
We must design something pretty or she will throw us under the bus!

We also receive a nice little treat
From Jan Onipenco, I can't wait for us to meet.

For the summer season you can probably guess,
It's a "beachy" type theme. I was thrilled and yelled, "Oh yes!"


This is Jan's bead so neat and pristine
It reminds me of the ocean swirling with sand, blue and green.

These two beauties are from cheery Diana P.
They look so darn real as if picked from the sea.

I picked them up and held them tight,
My creative side stirred both day and night.

My mind was whirling with thoughts of the beach,
And all that it gathers when it is at reach.

There's the ocean itself never ending it's flow,
It's swirling and stirring, oh I wish I could go.

There are critters and creatures usually abound,
Turtles, seahorses and shells to be found.



There are flowers around and colors just swirl
Coral and starfish all in a whirl.


You might catch a glimpse of this ribbity critter,
Don't give him to me or I will become very bitter.

One special charm I knew I should add,
Was a heart for the love of the ocean I've had.

Some days the ocean may seem like this
Things jumbled up and not much of bliss.

But once stretched out and picked apart
The ocean and beach have things close to my heart.

I love the sea and all that it brings
A tingle to my soul and my heart just sings.

Another fondness I hold close to me
Is the joy of making jewelry.

It's friends like Jan and Diana P.
That make life joyous, filled with creativity.

Thank you Diana for making me beam
For inviting me to be part of this team!

Please take a look at the other members of the design team and their creations...

Sandra Basara Miller      <--- You are here!

Resources:  Trinity Brass, The Beadin' Path, Monster Slayer


  1. It's treasures from the sea . . . OMG I love it!!!

  2. Super fun bracelet (that I would totally wear) and your poem cracked me up. I love the bit about me tossing people under the bus. LOL! Can I beg you to bring this to Bead Fest so I can see it in person?!? I want to touch it! LOL!

  3. Heavens! You rocked it! The poem and the bracelet! The poem was such a tease - leading up to the reveal! And your bracelet is truly a treasure trove of charms!

  4. Wow! I salute your poetry and your jewelry. It is stunning!

  5. These truly are treasures from the Sea! Love the poem, it's spot on w/how I feel about the beach/ocean and your bracelet is exquisite!! All reminders of summer, sand and surf - gorgeous!!! I really love the poem w/the pics and how you made it all unfold - brilliant!

  6. Love the bracelet, picking up the treasures of the sea is my favorite pastime. The poem is delightful!

  7. I totally have to remind myself to breathe!!! I laughed so hard! Love the poem and I have to say that piece is gorgeous!!!!

  8. From star fish to shells, to waves on the sand
    This bracelet's a joy to wear near your hand.

    When life is too rushed; you sigh, "There's no time for me!"
    Look down at your wrist and dream of the sea.


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